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Project Description

Project Name: Appin Road
Client: NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Project Type: Urban Renewal

Project Information

Aver, on behalf of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, worked closely with Roads and Maritime Services, Transport for NSW, Campbelltown City Council and proponents within the Greater Macarthur Priority Growth Area (PGA) to resolve the concept design brief for future upgrades to Appin Road, located in Sydney’s South West.

To support the delivery of homes on the ground, upgrades to a 4km section of Appin Road were required to cater to future traffic generation along and across the road corridor, and to address increasing safety issues.

Appin Road has a key role in supporting the transport needs of not just Mt Gilead, but also the Greater Macarthur PGA in conjunction with other infrastructure upgrades planned for the region.

Aver Involvement

Aver’s role on the project involved ongoing collaboration with key agencies and stakeholders to determine the scope of the future road concept design, to ensure a robust long term design that meets the required standards and responds to strategic context changes.

Aver were engaged to provide project management services which included:

  • Working closely with the project team to ensure that the design reflects other planning strategies and studies under preparation.
  • Leading discussions between key agencies to determine the scope of the future concept design.
  • Ensuring that the design and cost estimate was prepared in line with government policy and leading engineering practice.
  • Supporting NSW Department of Planning and Environment to incorporate the views of stakeholders during the design process to achieve acceptance of the design and cost estimate at the conclusion of the process.