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B2 Subdivision ‘Turramurra Way’

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Project Description

Project Name: B2 Subdivision ‘Turramurra Way’
Client: NSW Planning & Infrastructure
Project Type: Urban Renewal / Master Planning

Project Information

The B2/B3 road corridor was set aside as a potential future link between the M2 and F3 (M1), however this was formally abandoned by the State Government in 1996 in order to preserve bushland within the Lane Cove National Park and avoid unnecessary community and social impacts.

The site was a subject of consultation and investigation as to its future since 2003, with eventual resolution to develop the site for low density residential dwellings.

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged as the Development and Project Manager reporting to landowners, Council and the NSW Government Office of Strategic Lands. Responsibilities included:

  • Development strategy and programme.
  • Engagement and management of all consultants.
  • Concept design process exploring various design options for the site, including rehabilitation of the existing watercourse to achieve ecological, water cycle management and flood control objectives.
  • Preparation of site specific Development Control Plan (DCP), leading to adoption by Council.
  • Preparation, lodgement and approval of the Development Application (DA) for a 26 lot subdivision, with public reserve.
  • Feasibility preparation and all reporting and other services to the Project Control Group as required by the Project Delivery Agreement between Council and the Minister.
  • Tendering and superintendence of the civil and infrastructure works.
  • Tendering of the sales and marketing agency, and leading preparation and execution of the sales campaign, including all legal documentation.