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Bella Vista & Kellyville Priority Precincts

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Project Description

Project Name: Bella Vista & Kellyville Priority Precincts
Client: Department of Planning & Environment
Project Type: Urban Renewal / Master Planning

Project Information

In October 2012, the NSW Government endorsed the Priority Precinct (PP – formerly Urban Activation Precinct – UAP) programme. Priority Precincts are important areas that the Minister for the Department of Planning & Environment (DP&E) considers to have a wider social, economic or environmental significance for the community or have redevelopment significance of a scale that is important to implementing the State’s planning objectives.

The DP&E and Transport for NSW, in collaboration with relevant Councils and State agencies, prepared the North West Rail Link (NWRL) Corridor Strategy for lands surrounding each of the eight proposed stations of the new NWRL.

Of the eight NWRL Stations, Showground, Bella Vista and Kellyville Stations met the UAP criteria and were declared by the NSW Government as Priority Precincts, following the Hills Shire Council’s unanimous resolution to nominate these precincts as Priority Precincts.

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged by DP&E as Lead Consultant and Project Manager for both the Kellyville and Bella Vista precincts, leading preparation of the urban design masterplans, supporting studies and reports and the delivery of the Planning Proposal and supporting documentation to DP&E.

This included the engagement and coordination of two urban designers AJ+C and CM+ for the precincts, along with specialist consultants including landscape, economic analysis, indigenous and non-indigenous heritage, social infrastructure, ecology, flooding and environmental.