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Bennelong Restaurant

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Project Description

Project Name: Bennelong Restaurant
Client: The Fink Group
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

When the Sydney Opera House Trust (SOHT) initiated re-tenders for the Bennelong Restaurant from a select EOI, the Fink Group, owners and operators of renowned Sydney restaurants Quay, Otto and Bridgeroom seized the opportunity. In conjunction with world renowned Executive Chef Peter Gilmore. The Fink Group concept is to provide a unique dining experience within the iconic World Heritage listed building.

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged to provide dedicated strategic direction to lead the team through development of the Bennelong restaurant from concept, tender, and to the grand opening. Given its unique heritage listing, and the nature of its iconic status, Aver were responsible for;

  • Preparing and managing the extensive tender submission including a resolved design, eminent architect approval of fitout concepts along with operational plans, budgets, menus and executed Contract agreement pre-tender close.
  • Project programme with integrated construction and, Fitout and soft opening functions to ensure that the milestones are achieved in the 26 week programme.
  • Preparing and managing the overall budget for the project including negotiation and tracking of costs incurred by SOHT.
  • Management of the design team including architect and services consultants with regular integration of SOHT representatives review.
  • Ensuring appropriate construction and fit-out management plans are implemented when working within the World Heritage listed building.
  • Direct management of building contractors and trades to guarantee the high quality fit-out is completed on schedule and without impact to the existing structure.