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Bond Store 1, Walsh Bay

  • Bond1

Project Description

Project Name: Bond Store 1, Walsh Bay
Client: Joint Venture between St Hilliers
Property & Macquarie Bank
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

St Hilliers and Macquarie Real Estate Equity Funds developed a 9,100m² eight level office building in Walsh Bay, designed to achieve an environmentally efficient 4 Green Star and 4.5 Star ABGR rating. The project included the restoration of the heritage Breezeway 8-9 and Windmill St Steps areas for public access.

Aver Involvement

Aver led the development team to ensure that the design and delivery of the building achieved our client’s commercial and environmental objectives. Aver’s role included design management, procurement of approvals, negotiation of project brief and development agreement with the end purchaser, as well as superintendence for the demolition of the existing five storey building and construction of the new project.