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Bonnyrigg Living Communities Project

Project Description

Project Name: Bonnyrigg Living Communities Project
Client: Becton Property Group
Project Type: Urban Renewal/Masterplanning

Project Information

In October 2006 Bonnyrigg Partnerships, a consortium led by Becton Property Group were awarded the Bonnyrigg Urban renewal project as a part of the NSW Government’s Living Communities Program.

The Living Communities Program is a program to renew and strengthen communities in high-need Public Housing estates in NSW, commencing with the Bonnyrigg Estate in Western Sydney. The regeneration of the Bonnyrigg includes the design and construction of new infrastructure community facilities and a mix of social housing and private housing.

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged as Project Manager by Becton leading and managing preparation of a Part 3A Concept Plan and concurrent Stage 1 Development Application, including creation of new lot boundaries, road networks and public open space.

Responsibilities included managing a team of consultants to deliver various reports and studies to inform the Masterplan:

  • Precinct Planning and master planning by Urbis
  • Social Infrastructure planning by Judy Stubbs
  • Economic Impact Assessment by Macroplan
  • Unit design and layout by Billiard Leece and DKO Architect
  • Flood and catchment studies by Hughes Trueman,
  • Environmental and ecological studies by EDAW
  • Landscape and open space planning by EDAW
  • Traffic and TMAP by SKM
  • Social and hard infrastructure costing by WT Partnership