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Claremont Meadows

Project Description

Project Name: Claremont Meadows
Client: Landcom
Project Type: Remediation/Recent Project

Project Information

The Site is located in Claremont Meadows.  Owned by Landcom, the site was sold to the Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) as a road reserve for future network expansion. As part of the agreement for sale the site was to be sold clean from contamination. Previous contamination investigations had been completed to assess soil and groundwater conditions at the site. These investigations generally identified that fill materials in certain areas contained asbestos. JBS Environmental prepared a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) which comprised the removal and investigation of contaminated soils.

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged to:

  • Prepare and manage a remediation tender in accordance with Landcom procurement policies
  • Prepare elemental budgets and programs
  • Facilitate engagement of a Statutory Planner to prepare a Development Application to Penrith City Council
  • Manage statutory approvals and;
  • Carry out Contract Superintendence

The Project was delivered ahead of time and under budget.