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Cowper Street, Glebe

Project Description

Project Name: Cowper Street, Glebe
Client: Housing NSW
Project Type: Remediation/Recent Project

Project Information

The Site is located in Glebe comprising an area of approximately 1.4 ha which is owned by Housing NSW. Housing NSW, an agency of the NSW Department of Family and Community Services, is the largest provider of social housing in Australia, providing a range of housing solutions to meet the needs of today’s community. The site is proposed to be developed for a mixed use urban precinct, comprising of social, affordable and private residences, commercial properties, streets and public open spaces.

Aver Involvement

Aver’s engagement was to, in conjunction with Housing NSW, prepare and manage a Hazardous Materials Removal, Demolition and Remediation Tender process and document and, manage the demolition and remediation Works under Contract acting as the Superintendent.

Aver was also engaged to prepare and manage Heritage and Archaeological items identified on the site.