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Dangrove Art Storage & Operations Centre

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Project Description

Project Name: Dangrove Art Storage & Operations Centre
Client: White Rabbit Gallery
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

Dangrove is a 10,000m² specialised art storage and operations facility for the White Rabbit Gallery, which houses one of the world’s finest private collections of contemporary Chinese art. The art within the climate controlled storage facility will, from time to time, be displayed in the White Rabbit Gallery, and in addition to this specialist art activities will be undertaken on site, including evaluation, restoration and conservation of the stored artworks.

The building, located Mandible Street Alexandria, features a striking inclined sloping roof concept by Tzannes Associates, creating a large-volumetric internal space that forms the centrepiece of the facility.

Aver Involvement

Aver has been engaged by White Rabbit Gallery to manage the total delivery of the development including:

  • Review and refinement of the Development Approval concept to meet client operational and budget requirements.
  • Detailed design development process including specific climate and fire control measures to enable the preservation of the stored art.
  • Engagement and management of all specialist consultants.
  • Development of construction process and staging strategies.
  • Procurement of early works and main building works packages, including tender, analysis, engagement and contract superintendence.
  • Commissioning, handover and relocation into the completed building.