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Edmondson Park

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Project Description

Project Name: Edmondson Park
Client: Landcom
Project Type: Remediation/Recent Project

Project Information

The Site is part of a former Ingleburn Defence site known as the Edmondson Park Redevelopment. The Site is currently zoned for the combination of urban purposes, residential, commercial, open space and special use zones. 36 hectares of the site is zoned for conservation and will form part of the future Edmondson Regional Park.

Aver Involvement

Aver’s engagement is as the Principal’s on the Zouch Road Site and as Remediation advisor on the Site. Initiatives and tasks include:

  • Remediation of former military training grounds including UXO clearance, military waste and lead impacted soils from rifles ranges
  • Creation of a 20,000m³ containment cell within a conservation area
  • Working with Landcom and JBS to reclassify and revaluate potential asbestos contaminated material saving over $10m in cartage and tipping fees
  • Ongoing strategic remediation advice in relation to other sites in the precinct including Sewer Treatment Plant and south west rail corridor