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Green Square Temporary TAFE & HealthOne Facility

Project Description

Project Name: Green Square Temporary TAFE & HealthOne Facility
Client: Landcom
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

As part of a wider initiative for the newly developed Green Square Town Centre area, Landcom have engaged Aver to provide project management expertise for a Temporary TAFE & HealthOne Facility located next to Green Square Station. The temporary facility will facilitate community involvement and provide social improvement in the newly developed
Green Square Town Centre area.

The facility will provide new opportunities for construction related courses within the TAFE side of the facility while a HealthOne ‘Pop up’ will provide consultative health services for the quickly developing Green Square Community.

Aver Involvement

Aver are engaged by Landcom to manage the total delivery of the project from concept to manufacture and construction including:

  • Development of a Client Brief with TAFE and HealthOne as key tenants for the facility.
  • Procurement and engagement of required specialist consultants including design and services.
  • Management of all specialist consultants including outputs, deliverables and timely production of required designs, reports and documents to achieve a Development Application and Approval.
  • Principal Contractor engagement for the design development to Construction Certificate level and manufacturing of the facility.
  • Project management and Superintendent of the delivery of the works through to completion.