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Aver v to affirm positively, with confidence; to verify, assure, guarantee.

High School Relocation

Project Description

Project Name: High School Relocation
Client: The NSW Department of Planning and Environment
Project Type: Urban Renewal

Project Information

The Northern Beaches Council prepared the Northern Beaches Hospital Structure Plan (NBHSP) to guide the redevelopment of land surrounding the new Hospital, which will include new homes, community facilities, commercial and retail uses.

The NBHSP involves the relocation of the Frenchs Forest High School to the existing Warringah Aquatic Centre site, with the existing school site to be redeveloped as the new town centre. The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) supported Council in finalising the NBHSP through providing funding assistance and coordination with other Government agencies.

Aver Involvement

To inform this process Aver (on behalf of DPE) prepared a high level risk assessment and indicative delivery programme to support stakeholder consultation with regard to the relocation of the high school and aquatic centre.

Aver also prepared a high level due diligence to assist DPE with further negotiations between relevant Government and Council stakeholders.