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Housing NSW Stimulus Package

Project Description

Project Name: Housing NSW Stimulus Package, Inscope Solutions
Client: Landcom & Housing NSW
Project Type: Distressed

Project Information

As part of the Nation Building Economic Stimulus Plan, Aver were engaged by Landcom to assist Housing NSW in the sourcing, due diligence, purchase, design and development of 560 social housing units over approximately 30 sites. As part of these works Inscope Solutions were engaged to deliver 3 projects for Landcom and 9 projects in the overall scheme. 75% of the way through their projects, Inscope Solutions were placed into administration.

Aver Involvement

Aver were tasked by Housing NSW to become the key point of contact for negotiations with the Receiver and completion of the unfinished projects. In collaboration with Landcom, Aver took a lead role in developing a Construction Management Scope of Works and Tender in readiness for a Contractor to complete the works. Housing NSW took the project over and awarded the Contract to St Hilliers Construction.