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Landcom Superintendency Roles

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Project Description

Project Name: Landcom Superintendency Roles
Client: Landcom
Project Type: Urban Renewal/Masterplanning

Project Information

North Penrith

Landcom delivered approximately 1000 new dwellings with a variety of housing types including, detached houses, terraces, townhouses, lofts and apartments as part of the North Penrith redevelopment.

Aver were engaged as Superintendent for;

Smiths Paddock – Publicly accessible open space including, a new oval, hard and soft landscaping and water parks.

Cricketers Pavilion – A ‘state of the art’ Community Centre / Sales Office integrated into the proposed children’s playground and barbeque areas.

Box Kite – Inspiring Public Art sculpture reflecting the cultural, social and working history of the Site.

One Minto

Landcom delivered 1,150 housing lots which include a mix of public housing, seniors living and private residential dwellings.

Minto Community Centre

Aver were engaged as Superintendent for the delivery and construction of the 700m² One Minto Community Centre, which included the following facilities;

  • Offices & Community Meeting Rooms
  • Kitchenette & function facilities
  • Play Area and Play Area Storage  &Parents Room
  • Community Amenities & Stores
  • Plaza including barbeques
  • Hard & soft Landscaping & Car Parking