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Aver v to affirm positively, with confidence; to verify, assure, guarantee.

Market City

Project Description

Project Name: Market City
Client: Jen Retail Properties
Project Type: Retail

Project Information

Jen Retail Properties owns and operates Market City which is a multilevel retail facility incorporating the famous Paddy’s Markets, specialty retail and food & beverage (F&B) operations. As part of a broader long term vision, Jen Retail is progressively upgrading and refurbishing the existing food & retail precincts to provide a more contemporary and specialised offering including high quality restaurant cuisine.

Demolition, construction and fitout works were completed in June 2017 delivering a new Level 1 Food Court and more recently the ‘1909’ Dining Precinct. Base building works were managed and delivered whilst maintaining trading & operations at the centre. This constraint required skilful management of operations, staging and detailed buildability planning from the project team.

Aver Involvement

Aver was appointed to provide project management services to assist with reviewing tender submissions and providing support, as Superintendent, throughout the delivery phases of the project.

Aver’s role encompassed the following tasks:

  • prepare and review construction tenders including analysis, negotiation and engagement
  • preparation of tenancy fitout schedules
  • ensure design and construction quality standards, OH&S and environmental obligations are maintained
  • document and manage the Construction works in an operating centre
  • undertake Contract Superintendence
  • monitor the Main Works Contract
  • review and monitor contractor’s programme
  • identify potential delays and propose remedial action
  • process progress payments and certify
  • review and assess any variations
  • prepare a hand-over schedule for contractor compliance.