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Aver v to affirm positively, with confidence; to verify, assure, guarantee.

John Paul II Mausoleum, Rookwood

  • JPII--Building
  • JPII--Detail

Project Description

Project Name: John Paul II Mausoleum, Rookwood
Client: Catholic Cemeteries Board
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

Rookwood Necropolis is the largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere and the largest Victorian Cemetery in the world. The existing site is known as the John Paul II Stage 2 Crypts and was designed in two stages.

This stage of the development involved the construction of:

  • A single level structure to house approximately 350 Crypts
  • Totalling a gross building area of 389sqm and
  • 100sqm of Landscaping

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged to:

  • Prepare and manage a construction tender including analysis, negotiation¬†¬† and engagement
  • Prepare elemental budgets and programs
  • Document and manage the Construction works in an operating Cemetery
  • Carry out Contract Superintendence obtain Statutory Approvals for occupation