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Monorail Removal Project

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Project Description

Project Name: Monorail Removal Project
Client: Metropolitan Demolition / Transport for NSW
Project Type: Demolition

Project Information

In June 2012, the NSW Minister for Transport announced that the Sydney Monorail would cease operation on June 30th 2013 and that the monorail infrastructure would be removed. The monorail consisted of 7 train sets, travelling on an elevated 3.6 kilometre loop constructed of steel box girders on 133 steel columns, 20 to 40 metres apart. With the assistance of Aver through the EOI process and then leading the Tender Bid Team, Metropolitan Demolitions Pty Ltd was awarded the Contract for the Monorail Removal Project (MRP).

The scope of the MRP included:

  • Dismantling and disposal of the Sydney Monorail including, steel track, column supports, monorail stations, maintenance centre, sub-stations & monorail train sets throughout the CBD and within the Light rail corridor at Darling Harbour.
  • Making good of existing structures, building facades and pavements along the Monorail route including Heritage and marine works on Pyrmont Bridge.
  • Communication, consultation and co-ordination with the businesses, retailers, hotel operators, communities and relevant stakeholders.
  • Traffic Management including preparation of Traffic Management Plans, consultation with City of Sydney, RMS, Transport for NSW, Traffic Management Centre, bus and taxi operators, and coordination of 14 major Road shutdowns in Australia’s busiest CBD.
  • Environmental management, reporting and documentation.
  • Provision of systems assurance reporting and documentation in accordance with the Project’s Safety Assurance Plan.

Aver Involvement

Aver was engaged as the Project Director as well as Project Manager to deliver and oversee the overall objectives, co-ordinate with the Metropolitan Demolition Team, manage project consultants, actively represent Metropolitan Demolitions in communications with key stakeholders, provide advice and support for actual removal works, monitor Contract Scope and Budget and manage liaison with Transport for NSW (the Client).