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Myrtle Street – Judith Neilson Family Office

Project Description

Project Name: Myrtle Street – Judith Neilson Family Office
Client: Judith Neilson
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

Judith Neilson Family Office (JNFO) is a private office building located at 75-77 Myrtle Street Chippendale. The building was an existing 2 storey warehouse on a 700m2 lot that was converted into a modern office space.

The building was designed by TZG Architects, and features restored façade brickwork, steel interconnecting staircase, recycled French timber flooring and a central atrium with glass block walls.

Aver Involvement

Aver was engaged by Judith Neilson to manage the total delivery of the project including:

  • Development of a Client Brief.
  • Procurement and engagement of required specialist consultants including structural, BCA, services, traffic, accessibility and waste management.
  • Management of all specialist consultants including outputs, deliverables and timely production of required designs, reports and documents to achieve a DA submission and approval.
  • Builder engagement & design development to Construction Certificate level.
  • Project management of the delivery of the works through to completion.