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Aver v to affirm positively, with confidence; to verify, assure, guarantee.

Nation Building Economic Stimulus

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Project Description

Project Name: Nation Building
Economic Stimulus – Social Housing
Client: Landcom on behalf of Housing NSW
Project Type: Residential

Project Information

On behalf of Housing NSW (HNSW), Landcom agreed to deliver part of the social housing component of the Commonwealth Government’s Nation Building & Economic Stimulus Plan (NBESP). Landcom is responsible for delivering approximately 1,480 dwellings over 83 projects in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

Aver Involvement

Roles includes Program wide executive management (David Riddell as one of 4 HNSW Project Management Office Delivery Directors) as well as 4 Aver project managers involved in the acquisition and development of land on behalf of Housing NSW for the construction of social housing.

Responsibilities have included:

  • Strategic Program Delivery Planning
  • Liaison and reporting with and to Federal, State and Local governments
  • Due diligence on 150 potential sites
  • Purchase of 23 sites
  • Environmental planning
  • Design development including yield analysis
  • Design team engagement
  • Authority approvals including all Services and Plans of subdivision and consolidation
  • Consultant management
  • Tendering and construction management of 13 builders over 28 sites

Aver’s sound, timely recommendations assisted Landcom in achieving the extremely tight programme requirements set out by Housing NSW and the Commonwealth Government.