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News Corp NSW Property Review & Refurbishment

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Project Description

Project Name: News Corp
NSW Property Review & Holt Street Refurbishment
Client: News Corp
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

News Corp Australia was located across a number of properties throughout metropolitan Sydney, anchored by their long-established headquarters in the heart of Surry Hills.

With the traditional mediascape rapidly evolving, News Corp commenced a review of their property requirements, with a view to developing Surry Hills headquarters into a key digital media hub, from which they could more effectively drive integration between their print and digital media streams, as well as consolidate four premises into two.

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged as Project Managers to provide strategic property advice and guide News Limited through the property review, design and delivery phases of the project.

Aver’s scope includes:

  • Review of all News Limited properties (leased and owned) and business units across Sydney
  • Coordination of the design team to develop various concepts and budget options for reconfiguring and refurbishing the Surry Hills Headquarters and other premises.
  • Stakeholder management including detailed programming to map out interrelationships and impacts between various business units, to inform and optimise the transition process.
  • Briefing of key News Limited executives.
  • Construction Management Tender Process.
  • Project Manager and Superintendence of the 6 month fit out, in a 24-hour operating media environment.

The refurbishment involved transformation of the Ground Floor communal spaces, creation of collaborative ‘streets’ on the office floors, and refurbishment and modifications across each of the working areas.