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OTTO Brisbane

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Project Description

Project Name: OTTO Brisbane
Client: Fink Group
Project Type: Hospitality

Project Information

The Fink Group are a Sydney dining institution delivering fine dining restaurants such as Quay, Bennelong, Bridegroom, Fire Door and OTTO Sydney with reputations for location, finishes and importantly, service and dining.

Fink Group’s vision was to take the DNA of the successful OTTO Restaurant in Woolloomooloo Sydney and introduce it to the Brisbane market, specifically in the landmark development at 480 Queen Street.

With unique vistas to the Storey Bridge and Customs House, this was the perfect location for the Brisbane Otto expansion.

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged to provide strategic direction to lead the team through development of OTTO Brisbane from concept to the grand opening with the operations team. Aver were responsible for:

  • Assisting in final lease negotiations, in coordination with the Fink Group.
  • Managing premises handover delays from the base building contractor and integration of on-going base building works.
  • Design development with focus of taking the existing branding to Brisbane with a fresh look and aesthetic.
  • Tendering and managing the construction works under a Construction Management arrangement.
  • Coordinating design and construction fit-out plans for approval by base building developer and ensuring realisation onsite.
  • Managing of the design team including architect and services consultants with regular integration of Fink Group reviews.
  • Achieving the 3 month fit out project programme to meet commencement of operations.
  • Preparing and managing the overall budget for the project including negotiation and tracking of costs incurred by Fink Group.