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Parramatta North Urban Transformation

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Project Description

Project Name: Parramatta North Urban Transformation
Client: UrbanGrowth NSW
Project Type: Urban Renewal

Project Information

The Parramatta North Urban Transformation (PNUT) Program will revitalise, conserve and activate the significant heritage value of Australia’s first farming site and surrounding heritage buildings, including Cumberland East Hospital Campus and Norma Parker Centre, covering 32ha.

The Program will provide around 2,700 new homes in multi-storey apartment buildings, as well as the adaptive re-use of 20,000m2 of floor space in conserved heritage buildings.

Aver Involvement

Aver were initially engaged by the UrbanGrowth Project Team to assist in the development of the preliminary business case for endorsement by NSW Treasury.

UrbanGrowth NSW subsequently appointed Aver as Project Managers to assist the Project Team in managing the development of the Masterplan and various specialist studies to enable rezoning approval and preparation of the final business case. Aver’s role included:

  • Procurement and management of the specialist consultant team.
  • Provision of strategic programme and delivery advice.
  • Working in collaboration with NSW Government agencies, Parramatta City Council and a range of other key stakeholders.
  • Preparation of the rezoning application for assessment and subsequent approval by the Minister for Planning.
  • Manage the preparation of a Conservation Management Plan and Transport Mobility and Accessibility Plan for the precinct.
  • All reporting and management services required by UrbanGrowth NSW Project Team.

Rezoning approval was achieved in November 2015, along with Infrastructure NSW endorsement, paving the way for the next phase of the project to commence.