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Parramatta Stadium

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Project Description

Project Name: Parramatta Stadium
Client: Infrastructure NSW
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

Parramatta ‘Pirtek’ Stadium has served the community of Parramatta and the wider Sydney region since opening its gates in 1986. Over time the facility has become inadequate to meet the requirements of the highly competitive and developing professional sports environment.

To meet the high demands of the sport teams and spectators alike, Infrastructure NSW has utilised the opportunity to provide a world class offering to promote New South Wales as a premier sports location.

The project will entail the demolition of the existing stadium and adjacent open air swimming pool and will be replaced by a $300m, 30,000 person stadium and associated facilities.

Aver Involvement

Aver has been engaged by INSW to contract superintendent the early works package which includes enabling the demolition and remediation of the Pirtek Stadium and adjacent swimming pool.

Aver’s role includes:

  • Project review to identify opportunities, risks and principles;
  • Provide advice on construction methodology;
  • Management of key stakeholders including City of Parramatta council;
  • Superintendence of the demolition works;
  • Contracts management.