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Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit Facilities

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Project Description

Project Name: Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit Facilities
Client: Landcom
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

As a part of the redevelopment of Green Square, Landcom (now UrbanGrowth) undertook to relocate eight NSW Police operational groups from their Zetland site, elsewhere.

Two of the units – the Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit (RBDU) and the Weapons & Ordnance Disposal Unit (WODU) – had specific operational requirements that governed the location and design of their new facilities, meaning that they could not be relocated with the remaining units to the new Potts Hill Police facility.

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged by Landcom in an end-to-end role to manage the identification and complete development of standalone new facilities for both RBDU and WODU.

Aver’s role encompassed the following tasks:

  • Comprehensive site search, comparison and identification of potential sites for both Units
  • Advice on comparable sales and technical due diligence
  • Development strategy and programme
  • Engagement and management of all consultants
  • Concept design process exploring various design options for the sites, working closely with Police staff including Counter-Terrorism specialists
  • Preparation, submission and obtaining approval of Development Applications for the new facilities, and for removal of the existing Zetland Police facility
  • Design management and securing of specific explosives storage approvals from WorkCover for both facilities
  • Design development and issue of Design & Construct (D&C) tender
  • Full delivery including contract superintendence and post-possession works