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Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit Facilities

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Project Description

Project Name: Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit Facilities
Client: Landcom
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

To facilitate the redevelopment of Green Square, Landcom were required to relocate 6 of 8 existing NSW Police operation groups to a purpose built facility at Potts Hill. Due to the operational response times, the Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit was required to remain within a 2km radius of their original facility. A further group – the Weapons & Ordnance Disposal Unit – also required a new, standalone facility.

Aver Involvement

Aver’s initial task was to undertake a comprehensive review of the Sydney property market to identify potential sites which could meet the requirements of the Police and Landcom. This enabled Landcom to procure a site in Alexandria and a site in Londonderry.

Following due diligence and site acquisition, Aver led the Project design, tendering and delivery including Contract Superintendence of the D&C contracts with Prime Constructions. Both projects are now complete and the Police Units in operation.