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Port Stanvac Oil Refinery

Project Description

Project Name: Port Stanvac Oil Refinery
Client: CMA Contracting
Project Type: Demolition

Project Information

As part of the consolidation of its global operation, Exxon Mobil have closed the Port Stanvac Oil Refinery and are tendering the decommissioning and removal of the facility including all contaminates, hazardous materials, 60 fuel tanks, plant, equipment, pipes, treatment facilities and wharves.

Aver Involvement

Aver led a consortium bid team of CMA Contracting, Soil & Groundwater Consulting and Kaefer to Tender for the complex and technically challenging decommissioning and demolition project. The extensive bid submission needed to address all technical, OH&S, environmental, stakeholder and sustainable elements in working in a volatile petrochemical and beachfront environment to the satisfaction of the international Exxon Mobil team put in place to assess the bids. After 6 months of work the Aver led bid was shortlisted to the final 2 and narrowly missed Tender award.