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Quay Restaurant

Project Description

Project Name: Quay Restaurant
Client: The Fink Group
Project Type: Hospitality

Project Information

The Fink Group’s Quay Restaurant is one of Australia’s most awarded and celebrated restaurants. Internationally, Quay has made the prestigious ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurant’ list for five consecutive years.

The harbour-side restaurant is set to close its doors in April 2018 to undergo a refurbishment. Alongside plans to reinvigorate the menu, the owners are facilitating a long-held desire to revamp the current fit out, in an effort to enhance the personal dining experience.

The brief is to create intimate dining pockets (including a personal dining room) and to improve wait staff circulation paths and service areas. The fit-out will feature new finishes, joinery, furniture, kitchen and bar equipment and a new bathroom to the upper floor, suspended above an existing void.

Aver Involvement

Aver have been engaged to provide project management services from concept design phase, through to construction and the public opening. Aver are responsible for:

  • Preparing and managing the overall budget and programme for the project.
  • Procurement and management of the design team including liaison and coordination with the consent authority and landlord, Port Authority New South Wales.
  • Procurement and direct management of a fit-out contractor under a proposed Construction Management arrangement.
  • Ensuring appropriate construction and fit-out management plans are implemented.
  • Ensuring milestones are achieved, allowing the restaurant to commence soft opening processes prior to public opening.