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Rugby League Central

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Project Description

Project Name: Rugby League Central
Client: NRL
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

NRL as part of the consolidation of the various entities managing the game (NRL, ARL, CRL, and NSWRL) are looking to procure, design and build a new office building which will be known as Rugby League Central (RLC).

Federal and State government funding has been allocated and NRL are seeking a 4000m2 ‘state of the art’ facility which will provide operational and educational functions that will take Rugby League into the next 100 years.

Aver Involvement

Aver have been engaged by NRL to manage the total relocation requirement including:

  • Funding Agreement negotiations and submissions to Department of Infrastructure
  • Developing a Property Brief including needs analysis and criteria
  • Targeted search of available properties using known developers, agents and landowners
  • Assessment and negotiations with Property Owners
  • Schematic design analysis and financial modelling on preferred options including Options Report
  • Final property recommendation to the NRL
  • Project Governance Structure including stakeholder engagement
  • Design team engagement
  • Design development including Statutory Approval from Minister of Sports
  • Interior Design development
  • Competitive D&C Tender for Base Building and Interiors
  • Superintendent of D&C Base Building and Interior fit out Contract Works