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Sydney Football Stadium

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Project Description

Project Name: Sydney Football Stadium
Client: SC & SG Trust
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

Over the course of the last 5 years, Aver has been involved with the Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust (the Trust) during upgrade works at both the Sydney Football Stadium (known as Alliance Stadium) and the Sydney Cricket Ground. The works have included wholesale demolition, extension and construction of new catering, hospitality, media rooms and amenities areas around the Stadiums.

In February 2015, The Trust will be hosting 4 Cricket World Cup Games which require additional power supply, increased media presence and sponsorship requirements that need to be met.

Aver Involvement

Upgrade Works

Aver were engaged by the Trust to manage design, tender and superintend 4 separate construction contracts, including Eastern Stand Upgrade, roof soffit replacement, northern sponsorship suites and all Food and Beverage compliance upgrades.

This required careful management of the interface with the regular users of the Stadium, including the NSW Waratahs, the Sydney City Roosters and the third-party catering and beverage suppliers.

This has required careful staging and agile management of the construction process, along with continuous liaison with the stadium hirers to ensure that their match day requirements are understood and communicated to the construction team.

It is imperative that the Trust is able to meet the match day requirements of these users, whilst also ensuring that the building services are reinstated and activated for each match day. Aver has implemented innovative staging and agile construction management, along with continuous liaison with the stadium hirers to ensure that their match day requirements are understood and implemented.

Cricket World Cup

Aver were engaged as Overlay Project Manager to ensure the timely delivery of numerous upgrades to the SCG. In this role Aver directed the upgrade of mains and backup power for the additional field LED signage, an expansion of the written press room and temporary transformation of the AFL change rooms into a media centre for photography media from around the world.

In addition to this Aver managed the bump-in/bump-out of all advertising/sponsorship signage at Allianz Stadium for the clean venue requirements of the CWC and ongoing Super 14s and A-League events.