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Aver v to affirm positively, with confidence; to verify, assure, guarantee.

Sydney Science Park – Ludenham

Project Description

Project Name: Sydney Science Park – Ludenham
Client: Penrith Council and Celestino
Project Type: Urban Renewal

Project Information

Aver was engaged by Penrith Council and Celestino (the Developer) to finalise the management agreement between the two parties that would detail the management of public lands in perpetuity. Celestino would deliver significant amounts of public land and infrastructure on behalf of Council as part of their Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA). Celestino would then build and operate the Sydney Science Park.

Sydney Science Park represents a new vision for Australia – clustering science based business, research and educational institutions in one location to advance science and innovation.

The precinct would be used in the Celestino-CSIRO partnership providing the ‘urban living lab’, a place where devices can be tested in a real world environment.

Examples of specific installations may include:

  • Smart light poles.
  • Road sensors for autonomous vehicles.
  • Internet of things – Ethernet/ fibre conduits available for emerging technology (appliances).
  • Car charging points.
  • Above and below ground technology and support.

Council and the developer could not unlock the details for the ownership model that would allow private management of public lands. Outstanding issues in the agreement were preventing resolution.

Aver Involvement

Our responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate meetings with Council and the developer to identify the outstanding issues and methodically working those through.
  • Review the pros and cons of existing models of land ownership such as community title and strata title. These were not favoured as they did not provide Celestino the certainty they sought for their innovative uses of the land.
  • Work with Council and Celestino to agree that a layered approach to management of the lands would provide Celestino with the flexibility they sought while providing Council with the certainty and legal protection that they needed. The resulting land management scenario included long term leases, dedication of specific lands to Council and Celestino privately owning areas within superlots.