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Aver v to affirm positively, with confidence; to verify, assure, guarantee.

Synthetic Football Field

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Project Description

Project Name: Synthetic Football Field
Client: St George Football Association
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

During the course of the previous Federal Election campaign, St George Football Association (SGFA) secured a commitment from the local Liberal member for $2m. This funding was contributed towards the cost of establishing a synthetic sports field in the local area, ancillary facilities including field lighting, fencing, and potential upgrading of the existing amenities / change rooms block.

The partnership between SGFA and Aver saw the creation of a new asset for the St George community.

Aver Involvement

Engaged by SGFA, Aver were responsible for the delivery of all aspects of the project from concept and tender, to completion.

Aver’s responsibilities included:

  • Demonstration of deliverables to allow finalisation of funding approval process from Federal Government.
  • Development of the master programme with consideration of project risks, construction methodology and staging.
  • Inspection of the site and preliminary identification and consideration of potential issues including ground conditions, overland flow/flooding and neighbouring properties.
  • Establishment of an initial cost plan framework.
  • Preparation of project cash flow.
  • Preparation of a project management plan.
  • Lead the team to establish statutory planning requirements and the appropriate approval pathway.
  • Coordinate final scope development with SGFA and the design team.
  • Manage design development and preparation of tender documentation.
  • Superintend the construction works in unison with the overall build to completion.