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Voyager Point

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Project Description

Project Name: Voyager Point
Superintendent for 34 Duplexes
Client: Defence Housing Australia
Project Type: Residential

Project Information

Heartwood is a new community developed by Defence Housing Australia (DHA) bordering the Georges River and Voyager Point. This master planned community consists of 120 residences, with DHA building retaining disbursed lots to construct housing for Defence members and their families.

Aver Involvement

Following DHA’s engagement of the builder, Matrix, Aver were engaged to provide Superintendent services to DHA for construction of 34 duplexes over 17 lots disbursed around the subdivision. Over a 34 week programme including key overall management of construction quality and compliance, authority services and registration of the subdivision.

To meet the delivery objectives of DHA, Aver negotiated an accelerated programme with Matrix to deliver 14 duplexes prior to June 31st 2014 over a 24 week programme outside the Contract. Following agreement on terms, Aver coordinated the preparation of staged authority approvals, Council sub-division certification and LPI registration in conjunction with superintendence of remaining works to handover.

As a result, 14 dwelling were delivered to DHA within the financial year fully prepared for occupation by defence member personnel and their families. Remaining 20 duplexes continued to completion in parallel and meeting the Contract programme.