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Warehouse to Office Conversion

Project Description

Project Name: Warehouse to Office Conversion
Client: Bolinda
Project Type: Commercial

Project Information

Bolinda is an audiobook publisher and digital technology business that owns three warehouses in Tullamarine. No. 15 Mohr Street was selected for Bolinda’s new office space which required the installation of a mezzanine slab to convert the single storey, 610m2 warehouse into an open plan and modern office.

The building features a separate recording and post production section, whilst the remaining office includes an outdoor space, terrace and double height voids.

Aver Involvement

Aver are engaged by Bolinda to manage the total delivery of the project including:

  • Development of a Client Brief.
  • Procurement and engagement of required specialist consultants including structural, services and building surveyor.
  • Management of all specialist consultants including outputs, deliverables and timely production of required designs, reports and documents to achieve a Planning Permit submission and approval.
  • Builder engagement & design development to Construction Certificate level.
  • Project management and Superintendent of the delivery of the works through to completion.