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Waterloo Incinerator

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Project Description

Project Name: Waterloo Incinerator
Client: Landcom
Project Type: Demolition

Project Information

The former Waterloo Incinerator site forms an important part of the Green Square Town Centre redevelopment, a major urban renewal project being undertaken in South Sydney.  The demolition and hazardous materials removal works included the main Incinerator building, the 70m chimney stack, a number of underground pits and associated plant, equipment and structures adjacent to existing residences.

Aver Involvement

Aver were engaged as the Project Manager to prepare the first Development Application of the Green Square Town Centre.  Aver managed the environmental studies across the 3 sites in the precinct as well as the  Superintendence of the hazardous materials removal, demolition and remediation works undertaken by Metropolitan Demolitions at the former Waterloo Incinerator.