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Wolseley Road Point Piper

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Project Description

Project Name: Wolseley Road Point Piper
Client: Residential Client
Project Type: Residential

Project Information

Wolseley Road is an ambitious luxury residence on a challenging site in Australia’s most prominent street.

Durbach Block Jaggers (DBJ) has created a curved sculptural concrete house requiring extensive excavation to provide an unsurpassed residence within a fantastic yet compromised site.

The project is located on a battle axe block with private Sydney harbour beach frontage including extensive civil works, tunnel entry, class 1 off-form concrete structure, car stacker, escalator, multiple lifts, trafficable glass walkways, sculptural curved staircase and customised finishes commensurate with a property of this location.

Aver Involvement

Aver has been engaged to manage all areas of the development including:

  • Due diligence for the site and initial forecasting prior to purchase.
  • Coordination of the architectural and design practices through preliminary design, client approval, staged CCs and final AFC.
  • Coordination of 4 section 96 applications and 3 staged Construction Certificates to ensure works can proceed to meet project milestones.
  • Engagement and management of a team of over 15 consultants.
  • Extensive development and testing of cost plans to clarify and manage total project budget under a construction management contract.
  • Superintending delivery of the works by Bellevarde Constructions with particular attention to procurement, future planning and quality of work.
  • Coordinate all works necessary for fit out and occupation.